How do I create an AUCTEAM bidder account?

By clicking CREATE ACCOUNT button in the orange Login box you shall provide the requested data as indicated. To create an AUCTEAM account is Free of charge. Please make sure you read and accept the AUCTEAM Terms and Conditions.

Can I follow an auction without registering?

No, you do need to register at AUCTEAM if you want to only follow an auction.

How can I participate on an Auction? (Send participation request to the Auctioneer)

If you want to bid on a requested auction, you must first register for the auction. Select the requested auction from the list of auctions and click Register button. To complete the registration accept the Terms and Conditions of the auction by clicking accept button. Once you registered for the requested auction you must get approved by the auction house. Please allow some time for this. Some auction houses automatically approve customers, some may do it manually and it may take some time, but maximum 2 days. Together with the approval, a credit limit will be set to you. Please contact the auction house if you want any change in this credit limit well before the auction starts.

Where can I find a detaild description of the Bidding screen?

You can find a detailed explanation of what you will find on the bidding screen here.

How can I place my bid during the Live Auctions?

During the live auction you can place a bid for the requested lot by clicking the green Bid button.

Can I Undo my submitted bids?

It is not possible to retract a bid.

Why do I have to accept the T&C of the auctions separately?

By using AUCTEAM services you accept AUCTEAM's Terms and Conditions. In addition to AUCTEAM's Terms and Conditions every auction house has its own Terms and Conditions of Sale which you will find under Info in the specific auction box.

Who should I to pay and how can I pay?

Buyers will have to pay all fees directly to the auction house according to the auction house's Terms and Conditions of Sales. Payment methods are there described.

Technical problems

Please contact AUCTEAM if you face problems during the registration process for AUCTEAM services or any disfunction of the bidding console during the auction.

How will I know if my computer will properly show during the auction?

After login, try the Demo auction. If that runs properly you can be sure that it will properly function during the auction.

I see lots of an other auction in the auction window.

Please delete the saved cookies in your browser.

Once I logged in I can't see the requested auction, or only the lot Nr 9999.

You must refresh Adobe Flash Player. You can download it from here: Adobe Flash Palyer

The auction is sticking/stopping or becomes slow several times.

1, The speed of internet connection is not proper. The ideal internet connection is thru ADSL, cable, or leased line connection. The following connections will have poor service: dial-in and public used connection. 2, Too many programs running in the same time. Close all programs that you currently do not use or any programs that use the internet capacity.