Step-by-step before the auction

1. Close all running programs on your computer
2. Enter into site and refresh the site by clicking on refresh or reload
3. Log in to your AUCTEAM account: on site Login enter your user name and password
4. Select the desired auction and open the auction by clicking on it on site Live Auctions

The bidding window

Click on the picture to see the elements of the bidding window:


Good to know about how the auction will be processed

To entry the Live Auctionon site Live Auctions select the desired the auction and click on Live Auction button to open the auction window.

Start time: the auction will always start in the given date and time. You will see the start time as well as the time left until the auction starts.

Personal ID number (paddle number): during the Live Auction, as well as the room auction, all participants has an ID number which we call paddle number. This paddle number will appear during the auction on the left upper corner as YOUR NUMBER or PADDLE NUMBER. During bidding it will also appear next to HIGH BID on the right side if your bid was the highest.

Bidding process

Bidding: you can place your bid in the right upper side of the bidding window by clicking the green BID NOW button which will show the next bidding step, for example BID NOW: 150 Eur. The green BID NOW button always shows the actual, next bidding step amount. Bidding is accepted until the GONE display turns red.

Bidding time steps (Going, Going, Gone): once a lot appears in the window, bids can be placed immediately. After a while, warning messages will turn red: GOING, GOING, GONE. Bids can be placed only during the GOING message is seen. Once you see GONE no bids can be placed anymore.

How the placed bids appear in the window: the highest given bid will appear after the text HIGH BID, like: HIGH BID 150 Eur by: 82. It means that the highest bid was placed by user number 82. It is important that you follow THIS information because you will see here the actual bidding amount and who placed it, meaning who is the actual winner. Bids will also appear in the BIDS AND MESSAGES window: Time, Paddle number, Bid amount (eg. 2010-01-01. 13:22:29; by: 87; 150 EUR). Bids will be shown in a chronological order, meaning the last arrived bid will be show at the top. If the last two bids were the same amount, the one which arrived earlier will be valid, i.e. not the one on the top, but the second from the top.

Winning bid: the paddle number next to the highest bid will show the winner. If you placed the highest bid, your paddle number will be shown next to the highest bid together with the display: YOU WON THIS ITEM. If the highest bid was placed by somebody else, you will see the following text below the winning price: NOBODY WON THIS ITEM or SOMEONE ELSE WON THIS ITEM.

Bid steps: bid steps will appear according to the Terms and Conditions of the auction.

Overbid protection: the system will not allow you to overbid your highest bid, it means you cannot place another highest bid if your bid is already the highest.

Credit limit: the auction house can decide to determine a credit limit to the user which can be used during the auction. This amount will appear after the display LIMIT. Amount used from this credit will be seen after WON. Both information is to be seen below the bidding button BID NOW.

Other currencies: some auctions can be followed in more than one currencies. Additional currencies will be shown above HIGH BID.

IMPORTANT: other currencies are only for information and may be subject to correction.